Ever hit a roadblock due to a missing Nix package?

We've all been there, creating a developer environment with Nix and finding one package or dependency missing.

In fact, we've seen this so many times we decided to offer this service.

Let Nix veterans take care of the packaging so you can spend more time building cool things and shipping to production.

Get started in 5 easy steps:

  1. Fill in and submit the packaging form below. 👇
  2. We review the submission and send you a quote.
  3. Approve and sign the quote.
  4. We start packaging.
  5. You receive the source code.

Get your software packaged!

We aim to get back to you with a quote within five business days.


Will my package be made available in nixpkgs?

We can submit pull-requests to nixpkgs, like any normal contributors.

While there is a good chance for most code to be accepted, we cannot provide it as a guarantee.

In case of new packages, we will look at the maintenance story together to find a credible path.

Who is this service for?

Who will be doing the packaging?

Numtide is a consulting company composed of Nix and DevOps experts.

What is Nix?

Nix is a modern software packaging system that allows for reproducible builds and has excellent composition properties. It provides a strong foundation on which to build and scale complex software projects.

This is especially important in industries such as banking, automotive and aerospace, and other regulated enterprises with strict requirements regarding supply chain integrity.

What are the advantages of packaging my project with Nix?

Projects that are packaged with Nix are put on the road towards SLSA Build L3 compliance:

With a single package definition, it becomes easy to target many different environments: NixOS, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, VMWare, and more.

Release to all platforms in one go!

What kind of projects can we package?

Pretty much anything. Think Electron, CUDA, esoteric programming languages, private repositories, manufacturer specific toolchains for embedded systems.

If you can run it, we can package it.